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Amazon & ETSY eCommerce Store SEO Traffice & Sales Generate

We’re really proud of this work, which was aimed at making our clients’ day-to-day business easier and run more efficiently. They were looking for traffic and sales that would improve their user sales experience, and after a very collaborative and inclusive process, and able to develop an advertising strategy for a store.

Amazon Store Services
  •  Amazon Account Opening

  •  GTIN Exemption

  •  Product Title, Tag, Description SEO

  •  Amazon Ads Management

Etsy Store Services
  •  Etsy Account Opening

  •  Product Updates/Manage

  •  Product Title, Tag, Description SEO

  •  Pricing calculations and setting price in each product

  •  Etsy Ads Manage / Etsy Discount Coupon Setup / Abandon Cart Discount   setup

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